FOLLOWING the demise of Cebu’s alleged number one drug lord, Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz, Cebu City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña warned suspected illegal drug peddlers that the City will beat them.

Osmeña, in an interview with DyHP yesterday, said that while Diaz’s death does not ensure that drug dealers will stop doing their trade, he wants them to know that the City will defeat them in its war against drugs.

“The death of Jaguar will (show) the people that much can be done to protect our youth,” he told Sun.Star Cebu in a text message.

Diaz was killed in an encounter with police Friday evening in Las Piñas, Metro Manila.

As for the cash reward awaiting the policemen involved in the operation, the mayor-elect said he will give them the promised P100,000 but requested to not go into details.

Osmeña urged Cebuanos to do their part by informing him through text messages on the whereabouts and names of suspected drug peddlers in their area.

“I cannot eliminate crime, of course, but things will get better every year. I need information on the pushers in each neighborhood and I will take care of the rest,” he said.

The mayor-elect added that putting the right officers to do the job also helps in securing Cebu City.

“I think I may have done more in one month fighting drugs compared to six years of (outgoing Cebu City Mayor Michael) Rama.

One paper asks why only now? That’s because we put the right officers like (Regional Police Director Patrocinio) Commendador in place and the people voted BOPK (Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan),” he said.

Commendador, who, in a previous report, asked if Cebu was better off with a dead Jaguar or a live Jaguar, warned other drug personalities to surrender to prevent the same fate as Diaz.

Osmeña, on the other hand, said he has not done any lapses and will not stop until the City rids itself of drug peddlers.

“I promised the Cebuanos that I will bring back peace and order and I will keep that promise,” he said.