A GRADE 2 pupil in a school in Mandaue City was allegedly seized with a sachet of suspected illegal drugs last Tuesday morning.

According to the police’s initial information, the two classmates of 10-year-old Jane (real name withheld) were the ones who saw that a sachet of white crystalline substance was on the ground near her.

Police Senior Insp. Mercy Villaro, chief of Mandaue City Police Office Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD), said this happened around 10 a.m., but they received the report around noon on that day.

Jane removed one of her shoes at that time and the sachet of suspected shabu allegedly fell.

But Villaro said they could not confirm yet if it was really an illegal drug because it was not yet turned over to them.

She said an official of the City Social Welfare and Services (CSWS) called them about the incident.


The mother of the child cooperated with the social worker.

“Classmate nag-ingon shabu…Mao sad na alarming (Jane’s classmate were the ones who said that it was a sachet of shabu. It was also alarming that they recognize what is a shabu),” Villaro said.

The classmates who saw the sachet on the ground were a 10-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl.

If the substance was not an illegal drug, Villaro asked the social worker to check on the two classmates who pointed it out.

If positive, police may call the attention of the mother.

In a separate interview, Pureza Tabuac, social worker of CSWS Office, said they talked with the parent yesterday.

Tabuac said they want to protect the child.

Ang bata wa diri namo (The child is not in our custody),” she said.

Based on her observation, Villaro said Jane no longer wanted to go to school because she was being bullied, but it was not related to the alleged illegal drug seized from her.

Inosente sad siya. Wa siya kaila og shabu (She is also innocent. She did not know what shabu is),” she added.


The WCPD, City Intelligence Branch, Police Community Relation, and Investigation and Detective Management Branch will conduct a room-to-room visit to the schools to inform the children about the curfew.

Police will first visit the schools in Guizo tomorrow and the Mandaue City Central School on Monday.