A JAPANESE national was found dead in a bath tub inside a residential building in Tugbok, Davao City on Wednesday afternoon.

The victim was identified as one Hiroshi Nishikawa, 54 married to a Filipina and a transient resident of 2nd floor, Simborio Residence, Purok 6C, Los Amigos, Tugbok, Davao City and who was also working as a truck driver in the City.

Nishikawa was supposed to attend an appointment with a travel agency with his 15 year old daughter, Hirolyn Nishikawa but he failed to go out from the bathroom for a long time then his daughter decided to knock the door.

She then, called the attention of her grandfather who was living nearby to forcibly open the door as his father has not responded for hours. Upon opening, they discovered him lying lifeless on the floor.

According to the victim’s wife when interviewed through call by the police, Robelyn Nishikawa who is in Japan when the incident happened, the victim was diagnosed with minor diseases but doesn’t have any history of severe illnesses. His daughter also stresses out that recently her father was choose to stay inside the house alone to do house repairs.

The police investigators of the incident have checked the place and noticed that there is no any disarrangement in the things inside that would indicate that there is no any force attacks happened.

According to Chief Inspector Randy Sambalod, station commander of Tugbok Police Station, the body of the victim doesn’t have wounds and abrasions that indicate that there is no foul play happened.

However despite the results of the initial investigation, the police officers still request for an autopsy to find the real cause of the victims’ death.

“Kami yung nagrequest sa crime lab but it depends to the family if they are willing that the cadaver of the victim will undergo autopsy,” said Sambalod.

Presently, the remains of the victim lies in the Saint Peter Memorial Chapel, Calinan District, Davao City. (Laurence Seri Joy A. Bayona)