THE Capitol is now strictly enforcing its “professional” appearance policy for workers in a June 16 memorandum from Provincial Administrator Mark Tolentino.

That, while some employees are questioning some provisions.

It came as a surprise to some, who did not know the memorandum exists.

For female attire, the guidelines stated: “Proper undergarment should be worn” and “No see-through top/blouse.”

For the face and hair, the guidelines said: “No purple, black or other unnatural shades of lipstick; no ultra-bright or shimmery eye shadow or mascara. If hair is colored, maintain a natural tone; hairstyle should be tidy and in good taste.”

Hair for male, if colored, should maintain a natural tone and should not extend beyond the ear or collar.

“Extreme style, such as shaving or sculpting a design in the hair are not acceptable,” read the appearance guidelines for male hairstyle.

On fingernails, the guidelines said that for both male and female, the “length of the fingernails must not extend more than one-fourth inch beyond the tip of the finger.”

No nail art

And for female fingernails, no nail art; nail polish should be neutral in color and not overly bright, dark or glittery.

Male and female employees are not allowed to wear cargo pants and ripped pants.

Tolentino’s memorandum gained strong reactions from fashionable, mostly young lady employees, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal.

They invited this reporter to view last Monday morning’s flag ceremony, when Capitol employees were out in the sun to see their colleagues’ hair color and dress code violations.

The ladies, mostly sporting blond hair, said the appearance memorandum will soon waver, similar to the fate of the black-and-white uniform of male employees. She said some are already wearing colored shirts these days.

Too personal

A male employee, who also requested anonymity, said some provisions are too personal, like the color of the lipstick. The employee also wants to know the exact definition of “in good taste,” and who says that one style is in bad taste.

Hair color is allowed in the appearance guidelines, but the male employee wants to know what is “natural tone.”

Capitol is enforcing the appearance guidelines to promote professionalism, and any violating will be reflected on the employee’s performance rating.