OUR Constitution acknowledges the role of the family as the foundation of the society. The family is the basic social unit composed of parents and children.

Being a parent is a blessing. Many claim that being a parent makes their lives complete.

The parents have an important role in bringing up their children. One needs to balance being a nurturer and a disciplinarian. It can also be challenging and overwhelming.

Usually, the father is the disciplinarian and at the same time, the one who brings the money home. The mother stays at home to care for the family and the home. She takes care of the children.

We should understand that both parents share the responsibility as disciplinarians and nurturers.

Dr. Cornelio Banaag, Jr., the president of the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) National Board of Trustees and considered to be the father of child psychiatry, shared the primary responsibilities and roles of parents:

*Take care of the children

*Provide for the children’s needs, physical and material

*Be primary figures of attachment

*Discipline and guide behavior influenced by social rules and values

Discipline should be consistent, family rules should be followed. Both parents should communicate with each other. Sometimes a child would ask permission from Mommy – she says no. The child goes to Daddy and he says yes. This should be avoided.

Parents have the authority but they should also be loving and caring. A loved child may grow up mentally healthier.

Family time is one of the easiest ways of showing love to the child. This is the time when the parents give attention to the children.

For many, summer is a good occasion for families to bond, to enjoy quality time together. Many families go to the beach and visit another city for a vacation.

Another form of bonding is celebrating important events like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more. When “manong (kuya)” receives an award or an honor— party! Have a picnic, go to the park.

Attending mass/service/worship together can also bring the family closer. Eat meals together. Make sure that no devices are allowed at the dining table. Talk to each other. Share about your day or your plans, about your friends.

Children who experience love in the family generally feel more secure and a feeling of belongingness. This encourages open communication. Husband and wives also spend quality time when they are with their children.

Enjoy the rest of the summer with your families!