TO PROMOTE smart and healthy parenting in Cebu, college buddies turned business partners Maria Carmen Abayon and Alexa Marie Dano have brought to Cebu a sleep solution for newborn babies.

Called Halo Sleepsack, the wearable blanket claims to be a safer alternative to loose blankets, designed to keep babies sleeping safe and sound. It claimed to be the leading brand of wearable blankets used by over 1,200 US hospitals and the only product that has received recommendations and approvals by the American Academy of Pediatrics, US Consumer Products Safety Commission, International Hip Dysplasia Institute and leading Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) organizations.

Halo Sleepsack has been in the Philippines for three years. It was only in October last year when the brand was introduced in Cebu through Abayon and Dano, through distribution.

“We decided to venture into this business because I personally used the product and I loved it. I also want to become part of the advocacy on promoting smart and healthy parenting here, starting off with keeping our newborn babies safe, especially when they are sleeping,” said Abayon.

“Ninety-five percent of moms who used this product end up recommending to their friends,” she added.

Halo Sleepsack is said to be the only product in the market with an espoused advocacy on safe sleep practices for infants to help reduce their risk of SIDS and promote their physical and mental development.

SIDS is the unexpected death of an infant less than a year old. It is the leading cause of death for otherwise healthy babies, and comes without warning. It is closely related to other accidents during sleep, like suffocation or strangulation due to loose bedding, and the like.

According to Abayon, they are working toward educating moms on sleep safe practices using the product.

“With the world becoming smaller, we are now introduced to many ways and products that would help us in taking care of our kids. New moms in this generation are more open to new products, especially that our environment is also changing,” said Abayon.

“Similar to promoting breastfeeding is best for babies, we think it is also equally important to ensure our babies sleep soundly and safe,” she added.

Ives Lim Esteban, the mom-preneur who brought Halo Sleepsack to the Philippines, said they have been conducting expos for mothers annually to raise awareness on SIDS.

“As moms, we need to be reminded that we should ensure our environment is safe for our babies, especially when they are sleeping,” she said.

Esteban said addressing SIDS isn’t among the priorities of the Health Department.