THREE Korean surgeons visited Cagayan de Oro City and conducted 12 free operations for severely-burned patients, an official of the JR Borja General Hospital, said.

Dr. Ramon Nery, executive officer of JR Borja General Hospital, said the surgeons were from Hallym Burn Foundation, an organization in South Korea who 'supports burn patients' physical, psychological, and social recovery for their happy lives.'

Nery said the foundation searched, for the past two months, for those 'underprivileged patients' who are severely burned, scarred, and disfigured to be treated with free of charge.

Nery said 11 were successfully treated at JR Borja Hospital while one patient will be sent to South Korea.

"Ang isa will go to Korea since heavy ang iyang injury, and wala kaayo tay mga facility to conduct the operation," Nery said.

A pastor from Bukidnon, Nam Soo Lim, had communicated with the foundation to do their mission in the city, which is also the only city in the country to benefit from the free operations, Nery said.

Nam Soo Lim said the operation usually costs around P100,000 in Korea but this was waived for indigent patients.

He said about 50 patients, who only had minor injuries, underwent free consultation, which started on Monday until Thursday, June 30.

The foundation is under the Hallym University Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital, hospital that specializes in treating burns.

A 'philantrophic program,' the foundation helps domestic and international burn patients with medical expenses and surgery costs, sending their specialists to less developed countries in Asia to share their medical skills.