HOURS after he assumed office, Mayor Tomas Osmeña laid out some of his plans for Cebu City and the Cebuanos.

"We are going to be testing a new kind of employment concept. We will start with, for example, the street sweepers in City Hall, they will all be terminated," Osmeña said in a press conference at City Hall Friday, July 1.

He added that he will give others the opportunity to work.

Osmeña said malnutrition in Cebu is an effect of having only one breadwinner in the family.

"Two hours kada adlaw P3,000 ang bulan para minus malnutrition and low expense to government. Tabangan ang pamilya nga no income, I will find ways to those who need help," he said.

He also said that out-of-school youth will deliver medicines to every household. They will get a salary of P100 per hour.

The mayor also plans to cancel the Miss Cebu pageant, because he said it is a waste of money. He said he will not be spending but will be saving.

He also warned that 90 offices in Cebu City will be shut down in 30 days "if they can't justify their existence," adding that some offices failed to pass the minutes of their meetings and their accomplishment reports. He did not reveal what these offices are.

He said the Osmeña administration will give new adjustments to Cebu and it will be a step-by-step process. (Apple Jay Ortega, PIT intern/Tovya Kaiko Galeon, USJR intern/Sunnex)