SAYING they needed to constantly maintain their legal practice, lawyers at the Cebu City Legal Office are seeking for a reconsideration on Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s order canceling their authority to hold private practice.

In an interview, City Attorney Joseph Bernaldez said they wanted to have an audience with the mayor to discuss about their request.

“That is the standing order of the mayor now so we have to follow. We may, however, ask for a reconsideration. We are planning to ask for an audience with the mayor and probably in that meeting, we will take the chance to tell him what we like,” he told reporters.

Bernaldez said engaging in limited private practice will help them with their financial needs, particularly for lawyers whose children are still studying.

He said they have asked to have the meeting today but the mayor is not available. The meeting was set next week.

At present, the City Legal Office has 12 lawyers, including Bernaldez and the three newly-hired lawyers.

Bernaldez said they will be hiring additional lawyers to complete their team since some of the existing lawyers are currently assigned in different offices.

To recall, Osmeña issued a memorandum that cancelled the authority to practice given to all professional employees at City Hall, including lawyers, doctors and certified public accountants, among others.

In the memorandum, Osmeña revoked the authority for them to practice their professions outside their work in the City Government effective immediately.

Osmeña made the directive because he wanted them to work full-time on their tasks in City Hall.

Professional employees of the City Government can only privately practice their profession if they have secured a written consent or authority from Osmeña.