CENTRAL 911 warned the public Thursday, July 7, of possible threat caused by hazardous chemicals from establishments that may contaminate floodwaters during heavy rains.

In Thursday's I-Speak Forum at the City Hall, Central 911 chief Emmanuel Jaldon said that there is danger in having contact with water during flash floods since there may be dangerous materials mixed into it.

"Establishments such as ice plants are using substances that when combined with water will produce ammonia and may harm one's health," Jaldon said.

Central 911 has been conducting precautionary measures to ensure public safety in times of disaster.

Jaldon said they have been conducting safety measures to ensure the safety of the public in times of disaster.

He said they will rely for advisories from the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) and human monitoring groups to check if there are weather disturbances.

He added they are prepared to respond to any type of disaster or calamity.

“We have high level of preparedness, structures and preparatory measures as well as equipment are in place,” Jaldon said.

“The preparation measures are focused on three levels which are family, community or the barangay and the city level,” he quipped.

Jaldon said families who reside near riverbanks, flash flood prone areas and landslide prone areas should be aware of the early warning system which the barangay officials will issue in the form of manual and electronic sirens. (Jayrilynn Jayson, UIC Intern)