“The good Peter Lim is a legitimate businessman...”

--Peter Lim family spokesman

A SPOKESMAN for Peter Lim--who has “business interests” in, among others, Hilton Motors Corp., heavy equipment dealer Tiger Motors, Kash International (KI) KTV and housing developer LimBros Development Corp.--insists that his client is not the Peter Lim whom President Duterte last July 7 named, with two others, as Asia triad drug lords.

This Peter Lim, family rep Dioscoro Fuentes Jr. said last July 8, is based in Cebu City and is the good Peter Lim.

Duterte was not specific. He mentioned Jaguar, Visayas, retired police general Marcelo Garbo and the Chinese triad. The chart displayed showed a small obscure-looking photo captioned “Peter Lim a.k.a. Jaguar Triad Visayas.”

But his client, Fuentes said, is not Jaguar, doesn’t own a KTV bar by that name, hasn’t met Garbo, and is not out of the country.

That didn’t necessarily refute the evidence.

The problem is that the state hasn’t disclosed the evidence, saying it is classified: a case of smear now, evidence later.

The inadequate info though raised some doubt on accuracy of the “intel” on which a threat to kill Lim was pegged.

But those who assumed that Fuentes’s Peter Lim is the Peter Lim tagged by Duterte can’t be blamed for their conclusion. This Peter Lim was the only Peter Lim, who, with his brother, was accused of and investigated for alleged drug dealing. While NBI and DOJ didn’t bring the case to court, the cloud of suspicion still hovered.

State’s duty

We don’t expect another Peter Lim to stand up and acknowledge he’s the one. Besides, it’s the duty of the state, in this case the President no less, to identify the “bad” Peter Lim.

There are many other Peter Lims although it shouldn’t be difficult to ferret out the one who’s the object of all the uproar.