MORE than 40 junkies and shabu traders threw their bad habits away and became farmers in the mountain barangay of Cambinocot, Cebu City.

Kining farming mahulog na man ni nga exercise. Mabulad sila sa adlaw, sington sila pag-ayo (It’s also a form of exercise, they would be exposed to sunlight, they will perspire a lot),” said Cambinocot Barangay Captain Rey Lauron.

Two of those who surrendered were minors, ages 16 and 17, one of whom is Lauron’s relative.

Also, two men who promised to be good citizens again are on the list of top ten drug pushers in the village, but they face no pending cases in court.

The official said they cannot afford to send these persons to rehabilitation facilities, so they chose to plant seedlings of okra, cayenne pepper (siling espada), and eggplant in a 5,000-square-meter lot rented by Lauron’s family in the village.

Expected harvest time is about a month from now and the produce is likely to be abundant because the farm is about ten meters from the river.

Even if the village is more than 20 kilometers from the city proper, Lauron said they will not have problems transporting the goods because they already have contacted businessmen.

Ang amahan sa usa sa mga mi-surrender namaligya pod sa Carbon Public Market (The father of one of the surrenderees has a stall in Carbon Market),” he said in a phone interview.

Lauron, who spent his own money for fertilizer and seedlings, also introduced them to propagating bluegrass, which can be harvested in 40 days time.


Naa na miy (We already have a) market,” he said.

Since Thursday, at least 50 illegal drug users and pushers have surrendered to the barangay hall.

Most of the junkies who promised not to use shabu anymore are farmers, motorcycle-for-hire drivers and motorcycle repairmen.

Manggamit man ni sila kaniadto aron dili daling kapoyon inig uma nila (They used shabu before to keep themselves energized),” said Lauron.

Tanods and other barangay officials are monitoring those who surrendered.

The official praised President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs for naming police generals and businessmen allegedly involved in the illegal drug syndicate.

Nindot kay ang pagpanglimpiyo nagsugod sa taas gyod ba, sa mga dagko. Kon dinhi ta sa sanga-sanga, lisod isugpo (This is good because the fight against drugs now starts at the top),” said Lauron.

The village chief described his barangay as more peaceful now.