THE Commission on Audit (COA) noted 51 projects/programs/activities (PPAs) funded by the National Government and other agencies in Cebu Province that have yet to be implemented.

In its 2015 report, it recommended the PPAs’ immediate implementation and the return of any excess or unspent amount to its source.

Provincial Accountant Marieto Ypil said they’re in the process of implementing these PPAs, adding that purchase requests have already been approved. However, he said no disbursements have yet been made.

Some of the PPAs are funded by the pork barrel, or Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), of senators and congressmen.

In November 2013, the Supreme Court declared the PDAF unconstitutional.

Ypil, in a letter last May 18 on the status report of the trust fund utilization as of last Dec. 31, said there are already purchase requests amounting to P110.126 million for different trust fund accounts and actual disbursements amounting to P663.645 million.

The Province has received P908.429 million from national government agencies (NGAs) for various PPAs since 2006.

He also said that implementing departments were already informed about their balance to enable them to implement the projects.

Some P60,518,203.30 is held in trust for the implementation of the 51 PPAs. The amount is 25 percent of the total balance due to other NGAs account of P244,783,382.77.