IT was a roaring show of bikes and fashion as Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino presented Blaze of Glory Fashion Runway, a fashion show which showcased both famous American brands and bikes all on the runway.

Held at the Pacific Grand Ballroom last July 4, the show took inspiration from the iconic American highway Route 66. That night, the whole space was fully transformed and also depicted the famous highway during the entire show.

Models walked the runway wearing trendy outfits made for casual days, trips to the beach and even sportswear from well-known American brands from the Primer Group of Companies like Skechers, Keds, Sperry and Grind. Also, kids were in the mix as they strutted in cute outfits which added a more fun spin on the festivities.

As the music shifted to more edgy tunes, models emerged once again dressed in black from head to toe with leather jackets and blazers being the key item seen in every ensemble. Not just that, denim was the main attraction as well, from skirts, jackets, ripped jeans to jumpers incorporated in the outfits.

Blaze of Glory Fashion Runway included actual bikes from Harley Davidson as well as Harley Davidson Cebu riders who also starred in the fashion runway. By the end of the show, two bikes wowed the crowd as they entered simultaneously the ballroom, with their owners dressed in full gear.

This event was the official cap-off to the week-long Fourth of July celebration of the hotel. Prior to this show were the series of events hosted by Waterfront which included an American Bazaar, the Great American Buffet as well as the Grand American Motorcade and Show-off.