AN AUSTRALIAN national was found dead inside his house at Phase 1, NHA Bangkal, Barangay Talomo Proper in Davao City on Sunday afternoon.

The victim identified as Paul Stephen Batchelor, 76, a retired engineer was found inside his room.

Initial investigation conducted by the Talomo police revealed Batchelor's live-in partner identified as Jenelyn discovered the cadaver at around 8 p.m.

According to Jenelyn, she and her daughter left Batchelor alone after they had a misunderstanding last Saturday.

When they returned home on Sunday, they were surprised that the victim was already lying lifeless inside his room.

Further investigation revealed the victim has been suffering from high blood pressure.

The victim was previously rushed to the Community Health and Development Cooperative (CHDC) Hospital due to his condition.

Police also said there is no sign of struggle or foul play but they would still subject the cadaver for autopsy after police noticed that some items inside his room were disarranged.

The cadaver of the victim was brought to Angel Funeral Parlor.