ASIDE from showing his childish behavior by threatening to cut the support of the City Government to the city's police force because he was not consulted when a revamp was implemented, the “former has-been politician” is again showing his vindictive side.

He announced the termination of City Hall's financial aid to the barangays. To be affected are the monthly honorariums of the barangays' elective officials and the stipends of barangay secretaries, treasurers, members of the Lupong Tagapamayapa, garbage truck loaders and drivers, daycare workers, gender and development focal persons, street sweepers and the barangay environmental officers.

But barangays whose officials are supporters of the “former has-been politician's” Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) are exempted from his “crazy policy.”

His reason for doing this is to stop the hemorrhaging of the city's coffers. He wants the financial aid to be taken from the barangay's share in the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) instead. Barangays that are financially capable are giving honorariums to their officials and workers but the City is giving a big counterpart aid.

Okay, we can accept his reason. But how come the barangays whose chiefs are affiliated with the BOPK are exempted? Nganong naa may pinalabi? Even an elementary pupil can say the move is a form of political vendetta against barangay captains who supported former mayor Mike Rama.

The “former has-been politician” claimed that during the Rama administration, Mike also made the lives of BOPK barangay captains miserable. Rama did not provide them with vehicles. He said his supporters suffered too much during the six years that Rama was the mayor.

So klaro ug tataw kaayo nga pamulitika kining iyang gihimo. Panimawos. Dinhi gyud nimo masukod kon unsa ka mangginukdanon kining maong tawo.

As far as I can recall, Rama did not implement such a “crazy policy.” During his stint, all barangays continued to enjoy financial aid and other benefits from City Hall. As far as the distributions of vehicles were concerned, I remember that each barangay was given its own share, although some of the vehicles were given to Team Rama-allied barangay councilors in cases where the barangay captains were BOPK supporters.

At least all the barangay regardless of party affiliation had their own share. But the policy of this “former has-been politician” is crazy. Yabag.

I don't know if this “former has-been politician” sees the repercussion of his action. He is not making the lives of Team Rama-identified barangay officials miserable but those of the constituents of the barangays, some of whom voted for him in the last elections.

Remember that he won in almost all of the barangays allowing him to get a winning margin of 34,000 votes against Mike. But because of his “crazy policy” the delivery of the basic services there would be hampered and jeopardized. For those barangays that cannot afford to give honorariums to their workers, who will now implement the programs and projects of the barangays, like garbage collection, etc.?

Okay lang nang mga opisyal kay kadaghanan ana nila dunay laing trabaho o negosyo. O mga kuwartahan man na sila. But what about the ordinary workers? Would you think most of them would volunteer without receiving honorarium just for the “love” of their work? I doubt.

I thought that this “former has-been politician,” after experiencing his first defeat in the 2013 elections and carrying the lingering effect of his past illness, is already a reformed man. But he has not changed. In fact, his actions have become worse. He still doesn't know the meaning of humility and how to be a humble person. And mind you, he hears mass often with his wife.

Buot ipasabot kanang iyang pagsimba wa diay na gibutang niya sa iyang kasing-kasing ug galamhan? Kay kun ang tawo duol pa sa Ginoo, dili unta na siya mag-iningon niana nga madinumtanon ug mangginukdanon.

Other politicians are not doing what he is doing. After the elections, some would forget what happened during the campaign period and forgive their political opponents. But the trait of this “former has-been politician” is very different and weird. He believes that he is God. I think that's what he wants to be remembered with: as an “arrogant and vindictive” leader.

Pagbag-o na intawon nyor kay hapit naka kuhaa sa Ginoo. Walay magpabilin nato dinhi sa kalibutan kay kitang tanan temporaryo lamang. Mao nay isilsil sa imong alimpatakan.