SMART Communications Inc. is intensifying its promotion of satellite services and products to aid industries in their business continuity management and government’s disaster preparedness programs.

Jonathan Huertas, senior manager for sales and marketing of Smart Communications Inc., emphasized the need for enterprises and government agencies to invest in technologies such as satellite phones, given the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons.

“We are introducing specific satellite devices to meet the business continuity management of enterprises and disaster preparedness of government agencies,” said Huertas in an interview yesterday. He said the past natural disasters that hit the country have spurred the interest of business owners and government agencies in owning satellite phones for reliable communication and connectivity.

Smart offers satellite devices in the country through its partnership with the Dubai-based mobile satellite services provider Thuraya Telecommunications Company under the SmartSAT brand.

The deal forged last 2013 expanded Smart’s satellite coverage to over 160 countries or two-thirds of the world, including major sea lanes in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Indian Ocean.

“Our advantage is that we offer affordable satellite devices and services,” said Huertas.

The entry level of SmartSAT device is worth P38,500, inclusive of a special satellite SIM with an initial airtime credit load of about $120 valid for one year.

SmartSAT can be used as an emergency preparedness device for citizens, business enterprises and local government units for disaster response and recovery and as a communications backup for different customers.

“We target to capture more government agencies to adopt this technology especially those front-liners disaster risk management,” said Huertas.

Among the government agencies that have invested in SmartSAT’s devices are the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Armed Forces of the Philippines and non-government agencies like the Philippine National Red Cross.