Market watch: Prices of fruits, veggies, meat up

PRICES of commonly bought fruits, vegetables, and meat mostly increased while some are stable as compared to last week’s prices based on the monitoring conducted at Bankerohan Public Market Thursday.

The price of squash remained at P30 per kilo, pechay increased from P80 to P90 per kilo, cucumber from P30 to P50 per kilo, batong and okra for P5 per bundle, talong for P10 per bundle, kangkong and malunggay also P5 per bundle. Sayote remained P7 per piece.

Commonly bought fruits like mango increased from P70 to P80 per kilo, watermelon remained P30 per kilo, pomelo decreased from P120 to P115 per kilo, rambutan increased from P50 to P60, apple is being sold for P10 per piece while orange is P15 per piece.

Guyabano went from P40 to P50 per kilo this week, grapes is P250 per kilo, mangosteen is P120 per kilo, lemon priced at P50, pineapple for P30, durian went P60 to P70, while marang remained at P40 and avocado remained P60.

Market price of milkfish (bangus) increased from P100 to P110 per kilo, tilapia decreased from P120 to P95 per kilo, squid rose from P100 to P160 per kilo, mussels went from P50 to P60, shrimp priced at P260 per kilo and crabs ranges from P380 to P400 per kilo.

Also, chicken meat increased from P130 and pork meat increased from P130 to P160 per kilo last week to P140 this week while beef meat is sold at P220 per kilo. (JBJayson, UIC intern)

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