THE Municipality of La Trinidad accredited the mountainside mural in the capital town of Benguet as a new tourist attraction.

In the resolution sponsored by councilor Roderick Awingan, the Sangguniang Bayan declared the multi-colored fresco artwork found in sitios Stonehill, Botiw-tiw, and Sadjap in Barangay Balili officially identified as ‘StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork’. Awingan said the resolution aims to formalize StoBoSa as a new attraction for the Valley.

“We want StoBoSa to be officially listed as one of the new tourist attractions in La Trinidad, thus the need to give it a proper identification is needed,” Awingan said during the recent municipal council session.

As stated in the declaration, the StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork aims to create a unique tourism destination that could affect economic development conveying the collective desire of the municipality in instilling sustainable development of its communities and creating living environment where people could live harmoniously and productively. Awingan said upon the approval of the resolution and cataloging of the giant mural located in KM. 3, further improvements and proper management are also underway.

The favela-inspired house murals, which were officially unveiled last month, are part of the Revitalize Bloom (RevBloom) project introduced by Department of Tourism, in collaboration with Davies Paints, the Provincial Government of Benguet, Chanum Foundation and Tam-awan Village Artists, various government agencies, civic groups, and local residents. A total of 180 houses were painted with vibrant colors depicting flowers and plants endemic the municipality, which banners its identity as the ‘Valley of Colors’.

StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork is expected to be one of the most visited destinations aside from the Strawberry Farm.

Councilor Guiller Galwan who chairs the committee on tourism said the LGU needs to ensure the area to be tourist ready as soon as possible.

Galwan added the working committee is already studying on improving the area for the convenience of the sightseers and visitors. Apart from constructing a view deck, parking spaces and possible clearing of the plant boxes fronting the roadside view is also proposed.