THE war on drugs has forced a price mark down.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) reported street prices of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) in the Cordillera region have dropped, according to a report by PDEA-CAR.

“Our intelligence reports showed that the market value for shabu has dropped drastically just this July. Intelligence reports said the market value has been lowered by forty to almost fifty percent in just the recent weeks,” PDEA Regional Director Juvenal Azurin told Sun.Star Baguio.

Azurin said the intensified campaign against illegal drugs has forced pushers to sell their wares at a drop down prices.

“Perhaps komonti ang mga may gustong bumili, or the dealers want the trade to be faster to avoid being caught and for some other reasons.”

PDEA reports show drug laboratories which raided in the past showed Chloroefedrine, the main ingredient for the illegal drug, has been mixed as additives which lower the cost of the crystal meth but at the same time adds to the health risks for users.

“Probably those circulated has this additive kaya mas mura na rin siya pero those who use it does not know that the substance doubles the risk it has for their health,” Azurin said.

According to regional director, while national agencies continue to perform raids and buy bust operations, the circulation of drug still reach the region.

“The drug agency is still on the move to identify where shabu reaches here in the region. Cordillera is not yet a drug-free region but we are going to that direction.”

Azurin said while thousands of drug dependents and users have surrendered to authorities, PDEA-CAR explained they are still tailing targets included in the drug watch list as drug pushers and big time dealers in the list have yet to surface.

“If we observe users and dependents pa lang ang karamihan na sumuko, those who distribute the drugs are still out there and that is the assignment and task we are currently working on."

While the Cordilleras has been known as one of the leading sources of marijuana, PDEA reports shabu is still the most abused drug over the past years.