I HAVE recently found myself in familiar territory. Suddenly I will find myself answering to RSVP's and various invites. While still on short notice, some of this have definitely caught my attention. A reply to such invite a definite must. Attend I will.

First was the invite that was handed to me by Mom. A text message I got earlier from her for an invite. As soon as I read it, previous plans had to be changed.

For a different occasion, I was invited for a meeting. Little did I know, in that meeting was an election. No wonder I was made to reschedule all other appointments. I was made to do the Welcome Remarks, which was fine with me. I soon found myself being elected as the Chairman for the Regional Advisory Council of Camp Dangwa and the Regional Police Office for the entire Cordillera.

I received a text message first, followed by the call. I then drove immediately down to Manila. A little irritated as I was last to know of it. Another election ensued. Finally after some number of years, a change in leadership for the Boy Scouts. Finally I say. Once more I am elected, this time to serve as National Vice President for all of Luzon.

Hard enough it was to compete against incumbent governors, mayors and the like. I am no one. Just a volunteer a Boy Scout all my life. I soon find myself being chosen over all others to head scouting for all of the North-Eastern Luzon Region. That is all of Cordillera and Region ll!

Funny but today I seem to be associated with "change is coming", for what I don't know. Still I'm glad to be seen as such and aligned to such. I wont mind. In fact they associate me to be close to President Duterte.

The closest I can associate myself to him other than being together as City Mayor and the League of Cities is my wife. Joy hails from Davao, period. I now form part of the Mindanao Block. Well glad to be adopted by them. I won't mind.

For another, I was asked by my Dad to take his place after 35 years in the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation. I gladly accepted. After my second meeting I learned that the President has resigned. I left Citibank Tower in Makati as the new President.

Recently I was asked to head a very prestigious program which the Philippine Jaycees Senate handles. I have been part of this for quite some time but just as a member. Well once as the National Vice President for Northern Luzon. Well this is The TOFIL. The Outstanding Filipino lang naman. Really! Me? I had to decline for this.

In an election I was personally nominated by Manny V. Pangilinan as Vice-President for the Alliance of Boxing Affiliations of the Philippines or ABAP. Would anyone have objected after MVP made the nomination? No one dared. The nominations closed. The boxers never come home without a medal for our country. Some will head to Rio for the Olympics. I might be there too. Oh UB provides education for ALL National Athletes for FREE!

Speaking of the Olympics, we were hosts to the recent qualifying tournament which France won. Well I soon found myself back down in Manila to watch the whole tournament. Many said I was often seen on television.

Here is the clincher, I am being asked to take part in the coming elections for the Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas. If so, this is going to be special. An Uncle of mine other than Lolo Tatay was the Vice President of Basketball Association of the Philippines known as BAP. It is now SBP. Let's cross our fingers.

Honestly I have not asked for any of this. I am a nobody now. But it does seem change may be coming. I really wouldn't mind being a part of the basketball community. Who wouldn't. Especially every Filipino.

Seemingly those who I have just started to work with have realized who I was all before any of this. For most of this groups it was always my Father who is the more popular one. I'm just the son and namesake.

Because of him, he has asked that I replace him in the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation. I am honored to be accepted. I have worked with the foundation when I was still with government. I love what they do and what they stand for.

I sit alongside the former Secretary for Finance, the former head of the GSIS, a brilliant scientist, the Chairman of the Chamber of Mines, the President of University of the Cordilleras and some others equally or more distinguished.

As previously expressed I am the President for the foundation. I will not decline. I think my father is happy for me. So far, a new HOME in Camp 7. A turnover of school buildings in Cagayan de Oro. Monitoring and Protection of Amburayan River spanning Benguet, La Union and Ilocos Sur. Developing 2 Water Systems for Candelaria and Masinloc in Zambales. The Protection of Mt. Purgatory in Itogon. Some protection for children being Abused in the tobacco plantations in Ilocos, just some of the things that have kept ME busy. So just mind me not.