A MAN accused four policemen of mauling him inside a school in the southwestern town of Moalboal, Cebu.

Renato Bani, 38, said he suffered bruises on different parts of his body as a result of the incident, which allegedly took place around 9 a.m. last July 21.

He identified his attackers as PO3s Niño Perolino and Ramon Chenil, PO2 Stewart Bayang and PO1 Ronil Quinain.

Bani yesterday filed a formal complaint against them before the Cebu Provincial Police Office-Investigation and Detective Management Branch.

Teachers Dolorosa Co-nendo and Marife Apaap said they saw Bani speaking to someone on his cellular phone before the incident.

Moments later, a man in civilian clothes ran toward Bani and kicked him in the chest, they said.

They said the commotion caused panic among the students.


Chenil, for his part, denied the accusation.

He said they only tried to question Bani, but the latter started to shout. They tried to handcuff him because they were worried about the safety of the students.

Bani said he was at the Basdiot Elementary School to help prepare the feeding program for students.

Six policemen arrived and announced they were arresting him for a malicious mischief case. Bani refused to go with them and the four cops started to kick, punch and slap him several times, he said.

“I was afraid they’d plant evidence on me that was why I tried to get away, but they forcibly handcuffed me,” Bani told Sun.Star Superbalita.

He then showed the wounds on his wrists.

Settling a score

Bani admitted that during the struggle he accidentally kicked the face of one of the officers, who suffered a cut near his eye.

He said barangay officials had earlier called him to settle the score between him and his girlfriend, whom he accidentally hit in the nose during an argument.

At the barangay hall, the sister of his girlfriend took a video of the incident on her cellular phone. Bani tried to grab the phone, which fell and broke.

The siblings went to the police station and had the incident recorded in the blotter.