DUE to the extensive increase of drug surrenderees in the Summer Capital, a city councilor deems it necessary to establish a rehabilitation center.

In an ordinance authored by Councilor Edgar Avila, a rehabilitation center and halfway house must be established to address the drug concerns of the city.

“We have been talking about the rapid increase of drug surrenderees in the city, yes we know the importance of having a rehabilitation center and yet we do not make necessary actions to address the issue,” Avila told Sun.Star Baguio.

The rehab center will serve as temporary shelter for victims of substance abuse, homeless victims of domestic violence and children in conflict with the law.

“The halfway house can also serve as a venue for parents and families of the affected individuals to undergo seminars and trainings on how they should handle or treat their family members who are involved in those situations,” Avila said.

Avila explained the center and will deal not only with medical aspect but also counseling of the surrenderees.

“Establishment of the rehab center will be a joint endeavor of the Departments of Social welfare and Development, Health, Education, Culture and Sports. It will also be used to rehabilitate and guide the victims in becoming productive citizens,” Avila stated.

The proposed ordinance is in accordance with the provisions of "Child and Welfare Code", which states the government should provide shelter for drug and other abused victims.

Avila added the center will primarily be used for rehabilitating drug abuse victims but can also be used for other cases if needed.

Funds for proposed rehab center will be allotted from the annual appropriations fund of the city with a maximum of P50 million which includes equipment, lot for the area and construction materials.