NEWLY-installed Bishop Patricio Buzon of the Diocese of Bacolod on Tuesday echoed the stand of the Catholic Church against the reimposition of death penalty as a capital punishment for those who committed heinous crimes.

Buzon who took canonical possession of the Diocese on Tuesday has expressed sadness in the government’s move to impose anew the death penalty.

“We have long become matured along the way,” he said, adding that life is sacred.

Buzon said the Church and society have long been mature in the idea of respecting life even if the person may have committed mistakes in his life.

“In the end, life is still sacred and it cannot be just snatched away,” he added.

The bishop further said the Church has high respect for life.

“Thus, we are against death penalty. We have matured along that line. I don’t know why we are moving back ward? It is very sad,” Buzon said.

The Diocese of Bacolod has mounted huge tarpaulins in front of the San Sebastian Cathedral, highlighting the 5th Commandment of God: “Thou Shall Not Kill.” - Drugs kills. Crimes kills. Corruption and poverty kills. Artificial Contraceptive kills. Abortion kills. Summary execution is killing. Life is sacred.”