Cajucom: Pregnant ramblings

WON'T be long now. During my last check-up my doctor (OB-Gyn) told me our little boy is already “engaging”, also known as positioning, or getting ready for childbirth. It seems too early for that as I was still in my 33rd week of pregnancy, and our little bundle of joy is still supposed to get into that position on the 35th to 36th week, and we’ve heard of premature births not being good especially during the 8th month. I was advised to decrease my activity (read: walking.

HAHAHA) and not to get too tired and stressed at the office. Later that same day of the OB-Gyn appointment, I went to visit my cardiologist, and my BP at her clinic read 160/100. She was adamant that I start my maternity leave ASAP, which I just could not do at this time. During my previous pregnancies I would only start my leave once our baby is born, so as to give me ample time to take care of her before going back to work. I promised my doc I will not be too stressed at work, and to take extra time to rest every day. I am also suffering from what seems to be carpal tunnel syndrome marked by swelling of and pain in the fingers and hands, which of course is also indicative of pre-eclampsia.

But I am every bit excited to welcome our little prince. I had my quick trip to the ER last July 26, because I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t feel any twitch or movement, and my tummy felt flat and empty, and although the ER nurse was able to check regular heartbeats I was required to have an ultrasound, during which it was confirmed that we are really having a boy. For years I no longer entertained the idea of having another child, already so much blessed with our 3Mikaelas, but suddenly we’re all in for more surprises and adventures and sweet serendipities with the new addition to the family, coming soon.

Time and again for the duration of this pregnancy I have heard and read and breathed the phrase “high-risk”, but I am offering it a face-off simply called “strong faith”. I am very much appreciative of all your prayers and well wishes. Thank you. (

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