Sunday July 22, 2018

Seares: Mike Rama on evil spirits, PNoy on his hair (again)

CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama, bothered by serial accidents at the south coastal highway along South Road Properties, told news reporters that Msgr. Fred Kriekenbeek could drive away bad spirits that might be causing the vehicular crashes and collisions.

President Aquino, rumored to have collapsed and hit his head on the floor last March 20, said he was happy he doesn't have the hair to hide any bump.

Mayor Mike prefaces with the condition "if practical solutions would fail." Yet many of us scoff at the idea that religious ritual might work better than speed limit and road safety signs. Mayor's critics sneer at the proposal's subtext: helplessness bordering on the ludicrous.

The criticisms probably ignore that some cultures embrace the supernatural. In India, police perform "shanti puja" to ward off spirits they believe are responsible for road deaths. In accident-prone areas in the Philippines, candles and crosses are used to shoo spirits. At least, nobody quips that the mayor's singing blared on loudspeakers along the coastal road could deter hazardous driving.


PNoy's use of baldness to belie the health story was apparently to give it a dash of humor. Just as self-deprecatory as the frequent jab at his “abysmal” love life ("from Coke Light to Coke Zero"). Some of us think he could be more direct and responsive to the charge of ill health by presenting a medical certificate.

Or he could show some theater: like Ferdinand Marcos, bare his abs, or like Mao Zedong, swim in Pasig river.

To each leader, his own style of coping with a problem: Mayor Mike in the spiritual realm, PNoy in self-apologetic jest.