TO CATCH a meeting, to catch a flight, catch up with a high school acquaintance, catch a cold, catch mosquitoes, catch a celebration, you name it I caught it.

Just happy to have survived all of these in two weeks. I caught them all. Oh except some sleep. I try on the road or on air but just little of it. Because of a conflict in schedule, a party is missed.

I caught a Pokemon while just sitting in a conference, lying down in bed, in the dining table (not while eating), in traffic, a lot of them in fact.

In a few minutes online, I catch a discount for my plane flight. The catch just saved me P2,000. What if I tried to catch it right away? Glad to have held off for just awhile.

I am lost for balls, pokeballs that is. I have balls believe me. Just that in the confines of my home from this monsoon, I can't seem to get out and catch ‘em too. I have three pokestops nearby. Soon perhaps.

I catch a cold, must be from getting wet, no sleep and just tired. My system is down or weak. Germs have caught up with me.

Wag lang dengue. Last year, same time that is what I caught. What is it with August.

For Monday I am asked to catch a conference and confirm for it abroad. I am also asked to confirm for a trip to Mindanao. I will catch both.

Only Tuesday, day two and I will catch up with two old friends. One for tourism and environmental advocacies, to catch tourists. Then the other for lunch. Just catching up. It has been some time.

I get back home and with chills and weak knees. I catch a couple of meds, Joy gives me Biogesic and Fern C. I just hate it being in bed. This is something I wish I had not caught.

I'm now catching fire, my temperature that is. I can catch up for this story. I get to write I catch that instant topic too.

I now have a hundred fifty pocket monsters from 40 varieties, I don't want to catch ‘em all. Just a waste of pokeballs. Even those low CP numbers won't get my attention.

I failed to catch another regional position where I was nominated. And for the first time, this time, I lost! I'm so happy.

I now realize that I just don't have to catch ‘em all. A caring Aunt just said "don't spread yourself too thin Peter Rey.”

I will listen as I now have no choice from being stuck in bed for the time being. Now licking my wound as I knew I would. With a clogged nose, I gotta catch my breath.