THE Municipality of La Trinidad has created a task force to regulate the operation of bars and restaurants serving alcoholic beverages in the Valley.

Mayor Romeo Salda announced a working committee has been put to action in accordance with the proper discharge of the local ordinance.

"We have shaped this task force to see the implementation of the Restobar Ordinance. We approved its creation just recently to see to it the bars serving alcoholic beverages are complying with the requirements of the law," Salda said.

The Mayor added the task force will verify at the same time categorize existing bars their respective classification.

"We need to classify them according to their group and capacity, apart from also being able to monitor this restobars, we can at the same time implement the curfew which they are suppose to follow," Salda added.

In the town's ordinance, establishments serving alcoholic beverages are classified in three groups.

Salda said class A requires a minimum seating capacity of 45, while class B should accommodate 20, while class C for lower number of customers.

As based on the ordinance class A are allowed to operate until 2:00 in the morning, class B until 12:00 midnight, and class C until 9:00 p.m.

Salda said those who fall below class C bars like videoke bars, are only permitted to open for business until 8:00 p.m.

Strict implementation for security or bouncers, sound proofing, installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV), parking space, and possession of necessary permits should also be observed.

"These are the important things the task force should look into, especially the security and CCTV cameras which provide additional safety for the customers," said Salda adding strict implementation of the no minor customers will also apply.

The chief executive also added hard liquors will also be served only by jiggers and not by the whole bottle.

"By jigger lang ang mga hard drinks pursuant to the ordinance, only those beers can be served by bottle to customers," Salda closed.

Salda added the task force will continue to go around and check on the present establishments in all corners of La Trinidad.