WHEN St. Mary’s School opened in 1987, it had only been accepting high school freshmen. A three-door apartment in Vamenta Compound became a three-door school building, with two classrooms on either side of the middle room, where the principal’s office, library, faculty room, and cashier’s office were all squeezed in.

The school moved to its campus in the hills of Mandumol the following year, adding a new year level for its pioneer batch while accepting new students with every succeeding year.

That first batch of students graduated in 1991, after four amazing years of triumphs, challenges, dramas, comedies, and all sorts of adventures at St. Mary’s. They got their first taste of personalized education, participated in the school’s first Barn Dance, and staged the school’s first play in that first year at Vamenta compound.

In the following years, they saw their alma mater grow, and got to be ates and kuyas to the younger batches, and with them got to write and staff the first issue of Blue-Gold Visions, and co-founded the Maskara Club and other organizations. They got to plant seeds of what would become treasured school traditions that carry on up to this day.

Twenty-five years after high school, St. Mary’s School Batch 1991 celebrates its Silver Jubilee by inviting all alumni and teachers to an Alumni Homecoming to be held on September 10, 2016, 7 pm, at Mallberry Suites.

For event details please visit http://bit.do/25onthehill. (PR)