IN an ideal world there are no wars. Wars exist in the real world as necessary evils the good are sometimes constrained to use to fight a greater evil that is destroying a nation’s moral core. By its very nature, war leads to moral lapses (innocent and summary deaths, etc.) which can only be minimized but never totally avoided.

The drug menace is proving to be such an evil. It is now the duty of the good to wage war to eliminate this core evil. If collateral damage ensues as is inevitable in a war, the conclusion should be to find ways to minimize it. It is a total non-sequitur that because there is collateral damage the war against drugs should be stopped.

Like, if there is not enough rehab centers for addicts can bleeding hearts not fill the gap instead of just yak about it? Isn’t it unreasonable to expect rehab centers to be built as fast as suspects surrender? And isn’t it even more unreasonable to insist that the newly-installed president should have enough of these prepared before he went to war against drugs?

Or, if the due process, that advocates want strictly observed, has so far resulted in the not-guilty verdict for pushers in eight of every ten cases brought to court, cannot the Chief Justice perhaps find ways to improve the conviction rate of the courts instead of just simply insisting on a due process that is being consistently used by drug lords in their favor?

Lest we forget, the Duterte administration is actually waging war against other core evils. DAR is finally fully implementing land reform in Hacienda Luisita. Although it takes more to help the poorest of the poor than just giving them land to till this is a sure sign of the administration’s pro-poor bias. This and DA’s program of finally giving free irrigation to small farmers.

Neda is implementing a strategy of spreading the benefits of high economic growth to the countryside. Federalism will boost this program as this political structure will not only afford people easier and faster participation in government but also economically empower the regions and their peoples.

Corruption in government is being addressed for the first time in a most serious manner. I need not say more.

For the first time there is also real progress in the peace talks with the National Democratic Front. And the President’s historical approach to the Muslim problem augurs well for the establishment of peace in Muslim Mindanao.

Indeed, there are legal, even moral lapses in the war against drugs. My point is simply this: we should take care not to win the battle to stop necessary evils at the price of losing the war against the core evil. Duterte is not the enemy we have to stop. Drug lords, corrupt officials and the Abu Sayyaf are.