A POLICE official is urging the public to cooperate with law enforcers following President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of a state of lawlessness due to deadly bombing in Davao City on Friday, September 2.

Sereñas said tighter security measures are being implemented with the help of the military which has been authorized to assist police in law enforcement operations.

"It is not Martial Law and there is no suspension of habeas corpus. However, security personnel will be beefed up and the implementation of security measures will be thorough to prevent terror attacks," Superintendent Surki Sereñas, Police Regional Office (PRO)-Northern Mindanao spokesperson, said.

"Habeas corpus" is the right of the person not to be put into unlawful detention or imprisonment without due process.

Sereñas said part of the intensified security measures is increased police presence through the conduct of frequent foot and mobile patrols especially in areas of convergence such as malls, churches, ports and terminals.

To explain just what the declaration of a state of lawlessness means, the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) has posted an infographic image in their Facebook page detailing information the public needs to know.

The PIA also warned the public against making speculations and posting unverified information on social media as well as to avoid crowded places.

Serenas advised motorists to cooperate with policemen and soldiers conducting checkpoints by stopping the vehicle when flagged down, turning off the headlight, and turning on the light inside the vehicle for inspection.

Serenas said authorities would still adhere to the 'plain view doctrine' but they plead for the motorists' patience and allow the police to do their job.

"The police cannot forcibly check baggage or glove compartments but we can request them and make the security process easier for everyone," Serenas said.

An unattended gift-wrapped box caused a scare at the San Isidro Labrador Church in Barangay Gusa on Saturday, September 3, after residents thought it was an explosive device.

Police Chief Inspector Ariel Phillip Pontillas, station commander of the Agora Police Station, said they were alarmed after a bomb-sniffing dog sat three times after sniffing the box, an indicator he said, that the box might contain harmful objects.

Pontillas said they were forced to destroy the box with a water bomb and found out that the gift-wrapped box just contained drinking glasses.

"Nalibog lang siguro ang atong K9 dog kay naa man gud traces of alcohol sa glasses," he said.

Pontillas however clarified that the incident was not a bomb scare since it was learned that a wedding ceremony was held in the morning.

"Nalimtan lang siguro to siya but dili to siya bomb scare," he said.

Pontillas reminds the public to attend look out for their own things and not leave it unattended in public to avoid creating panic.