THE Civil Service Commission (CSC) in the Cordillera region noted a decline of cases against erring public officials and government employees.

Assistant regional director Cornilla Rillera said administrative cases against government employees and officials involving dishonesty, fixing and sometimes immorality has been lessened.

Rillera added dishonesty cases include illegal impersonation during CSC examinations and faking of transcript of records.

“These will result to dismissal from duties for the first offense,” said Rillera while fixers will be charged as per the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) of 2007.

“We already have four dismissals over this,” Rillera said.

ARTA requires each agency to have a Citizen’s Charter, which describes the step-by-step procedure for availing of a particular service and the guaranteed performance level expected, including the maximum time for processing transactions.

Under the charter, applications or requests must be acted upon within five working days from the date of receipt for simple transactions and 10 working days for complex transactions.

The charter also provides that fixing and collusion with fixers for economic and other gains is considered a grave offense, punishable with dismissal and perpetual disqualification from public service.

Fixers will be charged with imprisonment not exceeding six years or a fine of not less than P20,000 but not more than P200,000 or both at the discretion of the court.

Rillera said among the cases the CSC is handling are immorality which include illicit affairs of government employees.

“These are usually filed by spouses,” added Rillera.

Rillera said the commission has about a hundred cases pending now which is at a minimal compared to previous years.

“We do not have old cases anymore, these cases are those which were filed last year,” Rillera added.