OWNERS and employees of bars and other night spots in the city were once again reminded the need to police their own ranks in a bid to help in the fight against illegal drugs in the city.

Baguio City Police Office director Senior Superintendent George Daskeo informed bar owners and workers BCPO will not hesitate to recommend for the closure of establishments they manage, own or work with, once they are able to find evidence that they are involved in the sale, trade and use of illegal drugs.

"Bars and night spots are among those establishments where there were earlier reports on illegal drugs dealing between the pushers and their buyers that is why we reminded the owners and workers of the need to police their own ranks in order to prevent the proliferation of prohibited drugs among them," Daskeo said.

Daskeo expressed the BCPO's gratitude to the bar owners and workers for their commitment to help in the government’s campaign against illegal drugs by reminding their co-workers not to be involved in the sale and use of prohibited drugs, especially in their establishments, to prevent them from being apprehended that might lead to the closure of their workplaces or their eventual arrest.

There are already nearly 100 hundred employees of bars and various nightspots who already surrendered to the different police sub-stations in the city over the past several weeks according to Daskeo which means there is also a serious drug problem among those working in the bars and other night establishments.

The BCPO official revealed bar owners and workers should not wait for arrests among them due to illegal possession and use of illegal drugs to happen before they stop their trade or behavior.

Daskeo added bar owners and their workers will be given all the chance to surrender to police operatives before those involved in the prohibited drugs trade will be apprehend.

It was learned there are some bar workers who use prohibited drugs to allow them to stay awake up to the wee hours of the morning or until the closing time of their respective establishments.

Daskeo revealed some of the bar workers who surrendered to identify their sources of illegal drugs which will now be the subject of future operations to effect their arrest for their illegal trade.

The BCPO chief also appealed to the public to continue supporting the anti-illegal drug campaign by providing them necessary information on the activities of the users and pushers to significantly reduce these illegal activities in the city. (Dexter See/PIO)