CELEBRATE being a Filipino by experiencing heart-warming activities that capture the soul of identity. SM Seaside City brings to people a celebration of nationalism. Dubbed Lakbay Lahi, witness a heritage journey in cultural appreciation for an entire day.

Lakbay Lahi will take place today at the Mountain Wing Atrium of SM Seaside City where one could embrace different activities such as baybayin ancient writing, larong pinoy, Cebu traditional hilot, Filipiniana fashion show, alamat (folklore) at pabula (fable), and sipa and arnis demonstrations. More activities for people to enjoy are making of handicrafts, painting exhibit, art of Hablon, heritage mosaic, linguistic performances and interactive booths.

There are also readings of alamat by Basadours and a presentation by the Paref Springdale Ensemble, plus more performances of music and dances.

Celebrate being a Filipino and introduce the beautiful Filipino heritage to the family at SM Seaside City. (PR)