A PASSENGER jeepney driver was shot to death by unidentified men on a motorcycle at corner Lacson Street-Circumferential Road in Barangay Banago, Bacolod City on Saturday.

Police identified the fatality as Michael Jalando-on, 31, of Barangay Bata.

Senior Inspector Larry Teovisio, head of Police Station 3, said Jalando-on was sleeping in his jeepney when the assailant fired at him and escaped with his companion on a motorcycle at 12:30 a.m.

He was shot on the head at close range, Teovisio added.

On September 3, Jalando-on got injured after he was stabbed by an unidentified man in the area of Police Station 1.

Police are eyeing revenge as the motive, but they are not discounting the possible involvement of illegal drug transaction in the case.

Teovisio said Jalando-on was reportedly using illegal drugs based on the testimonies of those who knew him at the Northbound Terminal, where he worked as part-time driver sometimes.

Vendors at the terminal have also complained regarding his behavior, the police chief said.

Teovisio said they are also checking if Jalando-on had previous cases in other police stations.

Investigation is ongoing.