JACOB Sneed stands firm in his allegations of racism and discrimination against three establishments in the Summer Capital.

Sneed told Sun*Star Baguio he felt that in light of the repeated nature of discrimination, something needed to be said.

“This isn't an easy situation to deal with. I'd hope that my speaking out might help avert this kind of difficulty for anyone else in the future. Thankfully I've also had very supportive friends who have also spoken out and had their words well received throughout the community,” Sneed said in an emailed statement to Sun*Star Baguio

The 27-year-old black American from Seattle has come into the open against the management of Zola Cafe, The Ampersand and newly opened resto bar, Dropout from repeated incidents denying him entry which he claims is based on his race.

The management of the three establishments have alleged previous incidents prompted them to deny Sneed entry.

“The allegations of any untoward incident in any of the three establishments in the past is simply untrue. On the first attempts to enter all three of them, I was denied before entering. I'd ask them to provide any evidence to support this claim at all or ask for an apology for this baseless slander,” the American claimed.

Sneed said the three establishments have denied him entry because of his race since 2015 when we tried but failed to go to Ampersand. On his second attempt this year, Sneed tried to get inside Zola and was likewise denied entry to the Session road restaurant.

This year, after returning from the United States, Sneed tried to go into the newly opened bar and restaurant, Dropout, but was likewise stopped by in house security.

Sneed relates security initially said the establishment was closed but was evidently not, then turned to his Filipina companion to inform her, he was not allowed to go in.

“I am still ascertaining my legal direction at the moment. Other claims have been heard and corroborate with my experience and I am deciding what type of legal action if any best suits this situation. All possibilities are being considered,” Sneed added.

Sneed said after the first incident, he posted a complaint on social media to air his disgust over the incident.

“I would have been much more open to dialogue with the management last December when the first incident occurred. I posted a review on Facebook which referenced the incident and had they taken my concern seriously, then I feel like they would have reached out to me then. I realize they're in a position in which they'd like to protect the reputation of their business. It isn't my intention to needlessly damage it, but I would like the truth to be heard, and the racial discrimination to end,” Sneed added.

His companion, Jessica Faye Marino turned to social media to air her disgust over the incidents with the post now going viral.