THE University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Panthers won against the University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters in a thriller, 70-67, on Tuesday, September 13, at the New Cebu Coliseum in Cebu City.

The Panthers went on a shooting display early in the ball game closing the first quarter with a 15-point lead, 24-9.

In the second quarter, the Webmasters was able to cut the lead down to seven, 41-34, courtesy of defensive stops by the backcourt duo of Justine Dacalos and Gileant Delator.

In the third quarter, the Panthers were incharge as they extend their advantage to 13 points courtesy of multiple inside plays by Gilbert Sastrillas and Lyndon Colina to close the quarter with the lead, 60-47.

In the fourth quarter, the Webmasters were able to get their rhythm as they come close to just five coming in the last two minutes of the game, score 67-62.

Jayson Cando then went to the free throw line, shooting one of two, score 68-62.

The Webmasters tried to answer back with an open corner three by Calvin Jabello, but he missed. Garciano Puerto went for a putback, but was fouled.

Puerto went to the line with 1:43 left in the game, and converted both free-throws, score 68-64.

The Panthers tried to respond but turned the ball over on a sloppy inbound pass.

The Webmasters went for a three-pointer by Dacalos, but he missed. Delator was there to grab the offensive rebound, who got fouled on the putback attempt.

Delator went on the line, who made one out of the two free throws with 1:11 left in the game. Score 68-65.

The Panthers had a hard time inbounding the ball due to the pressure from the Webmasters.

The Webmasters got the steal and went on a fastbreak lay-up by Jabello but missed.

Colina got the rebound but Jabello was able to recover it, who immediately went for a three-pointer but missed with 52.2 left in the game, score 68-65.

The Webmasters had multiple attempts but failed to convert, as the ball slipped on Jabello's hands turning the ball over to the Panthers with 37.3 left in the game, score 68-65.

The Panthers tried to inbound the ball but a foul was called on Delator who tried to stop John Alocillo from getting an open lane.

Alocillo missed both free-throws with 37.3 left in the game, score 68-65.

Dacalos quickly went for an inside drive but was heavily contested by Kino Bajamunde.

Kenneth Cada was there to grab the rebound and was fouled by Dacalos, who battled for the possession.

Cada went to the line who made one out of two free-throws, with 27.1 left in the game, score 69-65.

The Webmasters then tried to respond with a three-point try from Puerto but missed.

Puerto then grabbed his own miss and was fouled as he was going for a putback with 16.1 left in the game, score 69-65

Puerto sank both free-throws, score 69-67.

The Panthers had a hard time inbounding the ball as the Webmasters applied full-court pressure.

The Webmasters then went for the duty-foul on Cada, who missed both free-throws, score 69-67.

The Webmasters then tried to respond with a fast break play with Jabello who was open to take the three-point jumper, but missed.

Cada got the rebound, who was immediately fouled by Dacalos with 3 seconds left in the game.

Cada then sank one out of two free-throws, Score 70-67.

The Webmasters had no choice but to try a half-court shot by Delator, but he missed.

Quarter scores: Q1: 24-9, Q2: 41-34, Q3: 60-47, Q4: 70-67.

Both teams now have a 2-6 (win-loss) record.

In the high school division, the UC Junior Webmasters fell to the University of San Carlos Baby Warriors, Final score 67-60.

The Junior Webmasters now have a 5-3 (win-loss) record, while the Baby Warriors get their second win of the season, improving to a 2-6 (win-loss) record.

Quarter scores: Q1: 16-7 Q2: 34-24 Q3: 49-48 Q4: 67-60.

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