THE alleged witness presented by Senator Leila de Lima to shed light on the Davao Death Squad (DDS) has been confirmed by a community leader and other sources in village of Tagbaobo, Island Garden City of Samal as a resident but all because he was married to a local.

A portion of the testimonies Edgar Matobato said in the Senate hearing happened in Igacos in Davao del Norte and not in Davao City.

"Nakapag-asawa lang siya ng taga-Tagbaobo. Hindi talaga siya originally taga-rito. Iniwan na siya ng asawa niya (He married a woman from Tagbaobo. He's not a local. His wife had left him)," a community leader said of alleged witness Matobato.

Tagbaobo is in the east side of Samal across Pantukan, Davao del Norte, or what is referred to as "the other side of Samal" because the side facing Davao City is in the west.

The person, who asked not to be identified in fear of those behind Matobato, said the man lived in purok Sampaguita in their village.

Matobato was described as a troublemaker who threatened residents by announcing to all that he is a member of the DDS. He was identified with a local politician but never in Davao City, another person from Tagbaobo said.

He was into selling land in Samal.

The person Matobato claimed was ordered to be killed, Sali Makdul, was a neighbor who was married to another local woman.

The rumor in the village was that Makdul was allegedly kidnapped just as he was supposed to pay for a land he bought. It did not have anything to do with drugs nor with President Rodrigo Duterte, the leader said.

Makdul was never seen again in the village and is believed dead. Makdul was referred to by the community leader as a "Turko".

The "Gaisano Sudivision" that Matobato referred is a tract of land that residents say is owned by the Gaisanos in village of Tagbay also in Samal.