CEBU Province originally owned Cebu Zoo. But Capitol donated it to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) on the condition that it must be reverted to the Province if no longer used as intended, said former governor Pablo Garcia.

He cited provisions of the deed of donation.

Kahibawo mo anang land swapping… ang probinsiya niingon man nga iapil nila ang zoo. Oy dili tag-iya ang syudad sa zoo (On the land swapping with the City, the Province said it will include the zoo, but the City doesn’t own it),” said Garcia.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña recently announced that he will use the Cebu City Zoo in a land swap deal he plans with Capitol to address the 93-1 lot dispute.

Osmeña will include the Cebu Zoo property in his offer to Capitol, in exchange for the Province’s property covered by Ordinance 93-1 and occupied by City residents.


Ang i-exchange kanimo imo ra sab (They will give to you what’s already yours),” said Garcia.

Page 3, letter C of the deed of donation states that a seven-hectare portion of the donated lot is set aside for use, operation and maintenance of the Cebu City Zoo and the City is allowed to use it.

Letter D provides that “Donor (Cebu Province) retains the reversionary rights over the donated premises, should Boy Scouts of the Philippines cease as such organization, or abandon the premises or devote them to purposes other than those herein intended by the Donor.”


“I urge the Provincial Board to study the proposed transaction very carefully as they are supposed to protect the interest of the Province,” said Garcia.

In 1969, Capitol, represented by then governor Rene Espina and Vitaliano Bernardino, president and Chief Scout of BSP, representing the donee, signed a deed of donation where two parcels of lot, one measuring 3,160 square meters and another measuring 225,750 square meters, were involved.

Parts of the two lots are the Cebu City Zoo, a TV transmitter area measuring 3,640 square meters and the BSP offices and campsite.