A CEBU-BASED business process outsourcing (BPO) company with a 600-seating capacity opened in Cagayan de Oro City. Company officials said they are expecting to hire at least 1,300 agents once they start with their operations.

Azpired Philippines opened its facility to media representatives during the company launch on Sunday, September 18.

“The reason why we came to Cagayan de Oro is that there is a lot of availability of talents; presence of skilled and high quality manpower. They are more driven and more serious,” said Almira Absin, vice president for operations.

“Cagayan has the best infrastructure based on our research”, Absin added.

Azpired Philippines positioned its contact center in one of the most visited night out destination in the city, the Lifestyle District. A number of food shops and entertainment bars open here from noon until the wee hours to accommodate the nightlife of young patrons and visitors - ideal for call center representatives who work mostly at night.

When Azpired Philippines started its operations in Cebu City, the company hired at least seven agents. At present, their Cebu branch has 1,300 agents.

Absin said they have already occupied two floors. Each floor can accommodate 300 agents with shift schedules. She said that by next year, they will add in two more floors with the same seating capacity.

“We offer them not just a job, but we want to offer them a career. We want them to start a career. They will grow faster compared to any other sectors, we have very competitive compensation package. All they need to possess is communication skills, the right attitude, and determination. All these three ingredients will make them successful”, Absin said on what the applicant can expect on working for their company.

The company’s clients are market sectors based in United States, Canada and Australia. Their services include customer service and technical support and accounting services, among others.

Azpired Philippines already had plans to expand their operations in this city since last year. American co-founder and chief executive officer, Scott Johnson earlier announced in July 2015 that the company expected to hire a total of 2, 000 agents.

The company opening is always welcomed by the City Government as this indicates positive growth and creates job opportunities.

The BPO sector has always been the country’s top industry to generate thousands of jobs each year. The Department of Trade and Industry has noted increasing revenue share from the BPO industry. Despite challenges that call center representatives face including adjusting to different time zones and stressful working environment, call centers remained to be the fastest companies to hire people with good compensation packages.

BPO companies are seen to be doing well with their operations here. The Synnex Concentrix located at uptown Lumbia area is one of the first contact centers to open in this city employing at least 1,000 agents.