BAGUIO City Mayor Mauricio Domogan announced illegally parked cars along barangay roads will have to face the consequences.

Domogan said the law will be implemented and those cars illegally parked will have their plates removed.

The mayor said a recent meeting with ABC president and Councilor Michael Lawana with the City Council was held a bid to declog streets of vehicles illegally parked.

Illegal parking on barangay streets which contribute to traffic as well as unabated clogging during peak and off hours of the day were discussed during the meeting according to Lawana.

Lawana however said barangay officials are not deputized by law to remove the plates of illegally parked cars and are left with the recourse to call the police, report the act and wait for the authorities to come.

“We will support the existing ordinance of the barangays and the City but we need deputization,” Lawana said.

Lawana added the power to police remains with the LTO and the police force which is lacking in the barangay to be able to help rid streets of illegally parked cars.

The ABC president said a proposal to deputize barangay officials manning traffic in their villages is being readied as well as to equip them with tickets to be issued to erring vehicle owners.

Fines to be collected will still go straight to the City Treasurers’ Office, added Lawana, after the vehicle owners pay the necessary fines, taking away premonitions of corruption and abuse.

Lawana is likewise proposing to have a seventy percent share in the collection of fines for the barangays to have an added income for villages as well as operational fund to pay officials to man illegal parking

Proper training as well as seminars will be given to barangay officials appointed for traffic to be able to implement ordinances in illegal parking, according to Lawana.