EIGHT persons were arrested in anti-drugs operations in Cebu City last Wednesday.

In a buy-bust operation in Barangay Inayawan against a drug pusher described by the police as a lesbian, Jellen “Banong” Mahilum was caught together with Juvel Margallo, 30.

The operation, which was conducted on a Wednesday night, stemmed from the police’s surveillance to Mahilum’s trade, which turned out to be positive in selling drugs.

Confiscated from Mahilum were nine pieces of shabu with an estimated weight of 2 g. and had a Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) value of P16,000.

During the negotiation, Margallo dropped two small sachets of shabu with an estimated value of P500.

They are detained at the Pardo Police Station.

The Parian Police Station also caught Maria “Bodet” Juranes, 26, both with four ampules of Nubain and five sachets of alleged shabu.

Jovannie “Banny” Gadiana, 22, who yielded 11 small pieces of alleged shabu was also arrested in Barangay Parian.

Gadiana said he was only a trisikad driver and had long stopped using shabu.

“I already surrendered to the police, but I was caught last night because I thought there were no drugs in the package I was bringing,” he said in Cebuano.

Barangay tanods also apprehended Gilbert Potot, 26, who was caught in possession of a disposable syringe and a broken bottle of Nubain during a roving patrol.

In Barangay Day-as, Sydney Ouano, 28, was arrested for having a disposable syringe with Nubain.

Arnel Ramas, 31, and Joseph Mangubat, 32, were arrested by the POlice Station six in Barangays Calamba and Pasil.

Confiscated from Ramas were 10 small sachets of shabu while Mangubat yielded a small sachet.