Bautista: Flights of Fancy

I FANCY travel, if not for some time constraint I will choose to drive. But to save some time and enjoy a tour, then there's no way but the sky way.

Goodbye highway.

By taking on the skies, I get to avoid road traffic. But that was then.

Even just heading down to the airport, there seems to be traffic.

Many take to flying nowadays. A very good signal, as a lot of Filipinos now are bent on air travel. Before it was the seas.

Never traffic, but it was dangerous. Tragedies a plenty, many lives lost. The seas not as safe. Especially in this season.

The skies is for every Juan today. Budget airfare is the thing of today. Deals aplenty. Affordable and convenient travel.

New planes, new airlines, good competition. Now we have Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4. Just in the Metro.

I will most enjoy the local airports over the ones in the metro. No traffic at all. Just some delayed flights coming from the Metro. If not, it is the Metro airport informing local airports not to takeoff and fly in.

Now there is traffic. Yes, air traffic. At times, planes circling for an hour. No parking space. Long waiting lines for takeoff.

Then there's the wait.

One airline served me breakfast from a fast food chain. Then lunch from the same. At least they did.

The best I ever had for an overbooked flight was to be given an international round trip ticket anywhere except Dubai. That same day another offer was for an additional two round trip tickets including Dubai. Three free round trip tickets! In just half a day.

We took off at noon but before some free meal for us. No complaints here.

I can stay for hours in any airport. I just love the peace. Quiet not.

People watching it is. Food always good, little pricey but hey, ask permission to get out and back when about to leave.

International Airports are the best. Free movies, video games, charging stations for gadgets, free wifi and free wifi! Internet is also free. A shuttle at some airports take you to different terminals, free.

It just tickles my fancy. I never mind. Glad that Joy my travel partner never minds too. Kids never do too. There is always something for everyone.

I never mentioned any shopping as it is never the place for it. Duty Free perhaps but just for pasalubong or a ref magnet for collection.

A recent fiasco involving a Saudia pilot made a lot of inconvenience to many passengers in and out of our airport. It snowballed and soon everyone was in a delay.

We were just delayed in Kuala Lumpur for 5 hours. Glad for the airline to have emailed us before of a 2 hour delay. We stayed put in our hotel. But when it was time we took Grab Taxi and headed for the airport at a normal 3 hours before flight.

We headed to our counter only to be informed of another 2 hour delay. We boarded and still waited for another hour before takeoff.

A voucher was handed to us for an equivalent of 200 pesos at a resto of our choice. There was 8 choices ranging from fast food to noodles and rice meals.

JB and I were unanimous in having a big fat burger. We were never served beef or pork the whole time. Always chicken.

This was our chance for one. I had to walk quite a distance for it but who cared. It was nearing 8 hours in the airport.

Oh I already spent my last Ringgit earlier before heading to the airport. So this was a gift from above.

I always fancy airline food. There was only 2 choices every time, but glad to have Joy as a partner and getting to try both every time.

So do my kids, airplane food is always the best. There is always the element of surprise. Chicken or Fish, Rice or Noodles, Bread or Porridge and even Cup Soup or Pizza!

I just Love it...


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