A boy from the north: A Kadalag-an journey

By Radi Raze P. Garaygay
A boy from the north: A Kadalag-an journey
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Have you ever felt like there's no place like home? Whenever you go to other places your home will always be the most comfortable place to stay.

Four years ago, my family was set to leave Caticlan for good.

After hearing this from my parents I can't help shedding tears knowing I'm about to leave the place I've been with for 16 years.

Seeing the people leaving one by one each day was already heartbreaking but now that we're next, my soul was devastated.

It was a trip to the real world since I'm also moving to college.

The time I knew that I was no longer in my comfort zone. I was so nervous, it felt like I was a horse of a different color.

Transitioning from Victorias to Bacolod City was quite a culture shock for me. The shift in lifestyle took some getting used to. I found myself navigating through unfamiliar traditions and social norms, feeling a bit disoriented at times.

However, as I immersed myself in Bacolod's vibrant culture and community, I began to appreciate the uniqueness of my pristine environment. It has been a journey of adaptation and exploration, but ultimately, I'm embracing the opportunity to learn and grow in this diverse city.

The charm I had growing up in Victorias made me stand out and created an identity that symbolizes who Radi is.

In my class, I was the only one who grew up in the northern part of the province. I was scared thinking I might not fit in.

I am blessed to have multiple skills that attracted many opportunities to me. Although some were challenging and exhausting, I admire my determination to keep going.

I met big people, I got to experience different kinds of production opportunities, I met media personalities and most especially, I was able to create a circle that would help me through my self-discovery and personal development.

By embracing new opportunities and facing unfamiliar situations, you not only learn more about the world around you but also about yourself, fostering resilience, adaptability, and confidence along the way.

Having the courage to step outside my comfort zone and being kind to myself and others propelled me towards victory. It wasn't just about taking risks; it was about facing challenges with resilience and treating myself and those around me with empathy and compassion.

This combination of courage and kindness fueled my journey to success, enabling me to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals triumphantly.

I was sad when I left home, but I am glad to grow with the passion to be a victorious person. It doesn’t end here yet, I know my Kadalag-an journey continues, and just like I always say I will be “RADI.”*


Radi Raze P. Garaygay is a 21-year-old 3rd year BA Communications student at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, who is also a Sangguniang Kabataan chairperson of Brgy. 15 West Caticlan and is a proud Victoriahanon.


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