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Churchill Aguilar ID
Churchill Aguilar ID

I'm 44, approaching the so-called “midlife.” And I have pretty much been living a very full and exciting journey, having to leave home at 17 and learning the ropes of community life and socializing away from the comforts of family and relatives.

I say, I have mastered not just how to survive but to excel in my works and in the places I have been into.

To an extent I can say I have figured out a formula or two on how to thrive on things I put my mind and heart into, thus always creating a unique demand on what I do best, consequently affording me a relatively dignified lifestyle.

But somehow I have also learned to anchor myself on principles that will surely prevent me from accumulating wealth - material wealth that is.

I once remembered being told as the most intelligent yet the most stupid person, too, at the same time as my contemporaries now have already amassed riches with their thick bank accounts, luxury rest houses, and hectares of real estate properties, while I, despite all the opportunities I have been presented to and have seized over the years, only managed to acquire a few square-meter condominium I call my little corner of this world.

Well, for some weird reason, I consider it a compliment more than a criticism because it only meant I have held on to principles no money could ever buy. It also meant I managed to resist temptations to compromise, at least as of this writing.

I remembered turning my back without much thought a couple of times on big opportunities that would surely secure me but didn’t quite sit well with my values.

You see, it’s easy to decide when we know our values. And that is way bigger a deal for me than a dream house in a millionaire’s lane. But don’t get me wrong as well, I have also been enjoying a luxurious lifestyle for as long as I could remember, mostly as part of the perks of my work as I rub elbows with magnates and share meals with people of influence who resonate with my causes.

And while I am approaching midlife with a strong resolve and standing tall despite all the dirt thrown at me as part of occupational hazards, I still find myself a total novice, very inexperienced in matters pertaining to life and living.

Friendship for instance on different levels still fascinates me like how a teenager would feel. Milestone achievements in the different transformational journeys I have with clients give me bliss just like how I felt when I finished every academic year with high honors. Rejections in any form still break me into pieces and betrayals always put me off balance.

My health may no longer be at its best, being totally out of shape now and my eyesight starts to fail me, but I am still approaching midlife with as much gusto as the 21-year-old me fresh from college graduation.

I continue to dream, to hope, to love, and to believe that tomorrow will be brighter and meaningful not just for me, but for the rest of those who are not as blessed in life.*


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