Aquino asks for regular updates on 2 Palace guards accused of robbery

MANILA -- President Benigno Aquino III has sought for regular updates from the Presidential Security Group (PSG) in the case of two of its member who reportedly figured in a robbery incident in Quezon City this week.

PSG Commander Brigadier General Ramon Mateo Dizon said in a press briefing that the PSG is cooperating with the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) in its investigation, adding that the PSG leadership will not tolerate wrongdoing among its members.

"I texted the President yesterday (Thursday) morning, right after the incident, about 9 o'clock...I was instructed basically to keep him updated, and so I update him once in a while. I updated him this afternoon," he said.

However, Dizon said it was too early to say whether the two PSG members are really involved in the heist because the investigation is still ongoing.

Although there is an alleged involvement in criminality of two of its members, Dizon clarified that it is not the organization that committed the mistake, and only the two people who belong to the organization.

"We're not tolerating it, we're cooperating with the PNP. We're having it investigated. We're supporting them. So, I guess, that's all we can do because I cannot go and investigate instead of QCPD," Dizon said.

Since the investigation is still ongoing, Dizon said the soldiers' rights must also be protected and the PSG has sent its lawyer to assist them in whatever legal battle they will face in the future.

"We'd like to point out also that there's a certain thing as due process...the soldiers involved also have their rights. So we have also sent our lawyer to assist them in whatever legal—in the legal battle or whatever," he said.

Asked if the PSG will carry out the new policy to discipline its ranks, Dizon said it is not necessary because the men and women of the PSG are performing their duties effectively.

"Now, if there are one or two of us who are violating any rules or regulations, then they're made answerable for it. They have to answer for that," he said.

"We've already instructed our commanders to, again, remind our people that, here in PSG, we are even stricter than other units," he added.

Dizon said there are certain rules for PSG members and anyone violating its general orders or SOPs may be reprimanded or demoted.

Sergeant Marvin Gaton and Corporal Bobby Ates allegedly robbed an establishment in Quezon City together with other three suspects. They are currently at the custody of the Quezon City Police Department. (SDR/Sunnex)


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