Aquino hit for failing to complete GOCCs, GFIs

MANILA -- Several business leaders expressed dismay over tardiness of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in completing vacant positions in government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCCs) and government financial institutions (GFIs).

Makati Business Club chairman Ramon del Rosario raised concern during a dialogue between economic business leaders and the President at Rizal Hall in Malacanang Friday.

Del Rosario said although business groups have great admiration to Aquino and his Cabinet men, they were in a way unsatisfied with seeming sluggishness of the chief executive in filling up key posts in government which remain unfilled for almost three months.

u201cIdeally, all hands should be on deck as early as possible, as all available resources should be harnessed and mobilized in pursuit of the administration’s goals,” he said.

u201cLeaving key posts unfilled over a long period may also convey the impression of a lack of a sense of urgency,” he added.

Del Rosario said this slowness should have been addressed if the President delegates heads of major departments to appoint subordinate officials.

In response, Aquino admitted he is having difficulty in filling up the vacant positions left by the previous administration.

He noted how hard it is to convince exemplary people who are willing to endure criticisms and minimal perks and benefits from their job.

u201cI think there are some of you who I have been asked to join the government and, for various reasons, have refused to do so,” he said, referring to hundreds of business leaders before him.

He added he is now careful in appointing officials. “We almost made a mistake at appointing somebody to a key law enforcement position and to be honest with you, I’m fortunate to have a rethink of this particular individual because daily, I keep getting reports that this individual does not have such a stellar record and, in fact, he’s the complete opposite of what we would want to achieve and we are trying our best to weather a lot of side issues.” (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)


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