Aquino plans to write presidential memoirs

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III said Friday that he has no plan to run for any elective post when he steps down in 2016.

Instead, he might write a book where he could share his experiences as president and he would interact with the youth with the hope to shape them to be better individuals to avoid the mistakes of the past, he said in Bulong Pulungan Forum.

"I think I will try to look for a means to serve in another capacity rather than elective office," he said when asked if he would run for another office after his term as president ends.

Aquino said he would take "at least a year break and recharge and recover from all tensions, turmoil, concerns over the past six years by that time."

After the new president is inaugurated in June 2016, Aquino said the first thing he would do is to go back to his house on Times Street in Quezon City and stay on his bed there.

"And perhaps looking forward to the following day when I don't have to wake up too early. I can laze around and get used to living in Times again. And perhaps visit the neighborhood charms like the supermarket and the fast food joints all around," he said.

He also said that he was dreaming of writing a book to share his experiences.

"But more importantly, we'd really want to interact with the youth and really help shape the next generation so that we don't repeat the same mistakes. In exactly what form? I'm not exactly sure at this point in time. We are concerned with today's issues," the President said. (SDR/Sunnex)


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