Capitol's EEDD collection up by 24%

Capitol's EEDD collection up by 24%

The collection of the provincial government of Negros Occidental under the Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD) increased by 24 percent as of November 30, 2023, data provided by Provincial Administrator Rayfrando Diaz II showed.

The EEDD collected a total of P234,739,358.38 compared to 2022, which had a collection of P189,357,519.06, covering the period of January 1 to November 30.

The EEDD also reached its income target of P257,934,002.46 last year, the data also showed.

The efficiency ratio also rose from 73.41 percent in 2022 to 91.01 percent in 2023.

Topping the list with the highest collection in 2023 is the CyberCentre with P111,019,386.58, Food and Terminal Market of Occidental Negros (FTMON) - P10,447,303.05, Mambukal Resort and Catering - P70,792,728.96, Negros Residences - P7,683,966.17 and Ayala rental - P34,794,973.62.

However, based on the summary of Receipts and Collection Efficiency in 2023, the EEDD missed its total income target of P257,934,002.46 as it collected only P234,738,358.38.

Diaz, on Thursday, January 11, said he is currently overseeing the EEDD and has implemented a reorganization of the office and assigned focal persons in the different economic enterprises.

Administrative officers were also appointed to facilitate the smooth operations of the different economic enterprises, he said, adding that all personnel are "excited to reach the targets we have for 2024."

"We are overperforming in some establishments, but other businesses need to pick up so that their income will improve," he pointed out.

Diaz said they are setting new targets this year so that it can contribute to the local income of the provincial government and not just rely on the National Tax Allotment (NTA) for the budget in the succeeding years.

This year, he said that the Mambukal Resorts, Negros Residences, and FTMON will be fully operational.

“We have hired additional personnel to ensure the quality of service and food of our clients, as well as marketing specialists to help in marketing our facilities,” Diaz said.*


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