Ceneco union officers deny backing notice of strike

Ceneco union officers deny backing notice of strike

Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) Union of Rational Employees (Cure) expressed disappointment with union president Felix Gepilga Jr.'s decision to unilaterally file a notice of strike without consulting the officers, Marbie Cabardo, union vice president said Sunday, March 10.

Cabardo said that neither she nor any other union officers were informed about the decision to file a notice of strike. They only learned about it through social media posts.

She criticized Gepilga's actions, accusing him of making decisions based on personal motives and excluding other union officers from the process.

She stated, "Felix Gepilga filed the notice of strike without informing me as the vice president and our elected officers. He did not convene us or even ask for our input or discuss his decision to file it."

This unilateral approach by Gepilga has caused conflicts within the union, with Cabardo questioning the legitimacy of the notice filed with the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole).

She said she believes that such a significant decision should have involved broader support from the union officers and members.

"I was hoping that he would convene us after winning and discuss this, but unfortunately, he did not convene us and did not show respect to us as officers. As the vice president, I was not recognized, and the existing legitimate officers were not recognized," Cabardo added.

In response to Gepilga's actions, many union members and officers have opposed the proposed strike.

Their concerns primarily revolve around the potential negative impact on consumers, a lack of clarity on the key issues, and a preference for resolving the underlying problems with the Ceneco board through alternative channels.

Cabardo stated that they are preparing legal actions against Gepilga's decisions, emphasizing the need for the union's direction to reflect the majority decision of the board and highlighting the importance of mutual respect and a collaborative decision-making process.

She underscored the importance of effective communication and consultation within the union officers.

"The lack of transparency and consultation surrounding the strike notice has strained these core principles, raising questions about the union's internal governance and the validity of the planned action," she further said.*


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